About Me


Hi, I’m Bronson Chang. Pure Aloha Dreamalizer.

I’m a multipotential creator and serial entrepreneur. I’m born-and-raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and currently living in Los Angeles, California.

The question that drives me is, “How can I inspire and empower individuals, families, and businesses?”

Here’s my simple answer:


My philosophy-practice of “Pure Aloha Dreamalization” is the art and science of discovering one’s unique dreams and realizing them in life, work/business, and family with the spirit of Pure Aloha.

I’ve spent half of my life as the Co-Founder & President of Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha (UCHOPA) where I learned—from joyful success and crushing failure—how to resiliently lead myself and a small local family business on a big global mission. Most importantly, I discovered that for the rest of my life I’m ALL-IN committed to becoming my best self and to awakening One World Ohana and a flourishing Island Earth in the 21st Century.

My vision is to build the “HOPA Ecosystem” to transform the world in service of HOPA—Hawai’i, ‘Ohana, and Pure Aloha. Presently, I am focused on leading UCHOPA, while also writing my first book, developing a nonprofit (HOPA Foundation), and establishing a cross-industry family of for-profit companies (Pure Aloha Dreamalization Collective Ohana).

My life’s greatest blessing is being a husband and father to my amazing wife, Katie, and toddler son.